Difference Between AC Repair and AC Replacement

The Difference Between AC Repair and AC Replacement

When Air Conditioners tend to break down a little more often, homeowners should decide whether to repair or replace their existing units. For households with no problem financing a new air conditioner, the decision is easier to make. The homeowner only has to determine whether it is more practical to replace the unit and if they can save more on utilities by utilizing a newer model.

To repair or to replace?

Financially-challenged households, though, may face a bit of dilemma. The dilemma is, especially when the homeowner is not prepared to buy a new air conditioner budget-wise. Fortunately, there are Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractors that offer financing schemes meant to provide more flexible payment schemes so that homeowners can afford to replace their malfunctioning units.

When to Repair

Air Conditioners are used all day every day, especially during the summer months. The daily use subjects the system to the usual wear and tear, which may soon lead to repairs. The best way to prevent these issues is to have periodic maintenance check-ups that look into the air conditioning system, nips issues off the bud, and prevent possible significant problems. Why Older Homes Need Their AC Central Air Replaced

But when breakdowns do happen, it is essential that a professional HVAC technician is hired to repair the malfunctioning air conditioning unit. Only HVAC experts can accurately assess the specific Air Conditioning trouble and repair the equipment correctly.


When the issues occur within the warranty period, then it is best to have the unit repaired. On the other hand, the homeowner has to carefully decide about troubleshooting or parts replacement carried out beyond the warranty period. Homeowners need to take note of the cost of repairs vis-à-vis the unit’s age, especially if they have been using their air conditioning system for the past ten years. HVAC experts say that if the cost of repair multiplied with the air conditioner’s years of use exceeds USD 5,000, then it is impractical to have it fixed.

When to Replace

HVAC experts meantime recommend a replacement when breakdowns happen more frequently, and the repair costs pile up. Moreover, if the electric bills have been increasing, then the system is no longer functioning as it should be. A good indicator is the age of the air conditioning unit. The United States Department of Energy recommends the replacement of air conditioners operating beyond 12 to 15 years because the system will continue to deteriorate and will demand more energy than it should be if it were performing optimally. This threshold age gets even lower when the HVAC system is ill-maintained of not professionally serviced every year.

Moreover, if the air conditioning unit does not cool the home comfortably no matter what repairs are carried out, then a replacement may be warranted. Consulting an expert HVAC professional could help in deciding whether the system is still practical to repair, or better off replaced altogether.

If replacing the unit is beyond the budget of the homeowner, they can look into financing programs that can help them procure a new home air conditioning system. HVAC contractors, air conditioning manufacturers, and appliance stores usually provide such type of financing schemes. http://igeldofestibala.com/